Ad Lib Night

d. Yoon-ki Lee
c. South Korea
y. 2006

"Approached on the street by two strangers who insist that she is someone she is not, a sympathetic young woman from Seoul agrees to pose as the runaway daughter of a dying old man who longs to see his child one last time in director Lee Yoon-ki's adaptation of Taira Azuko's short story. Gi-yeong (Kim Yeong-min) is certain that the girl he has met on the street (Han Hyo-ju) is Myeong-eun, but he is mistaken. Despite Myeong-eun's mistake, however, the amiable young woman agrees to accompany the insistent man and his brother to the old man's home so that he may see her face and die a peaceful death. Upon arriving at the dying man's home, it immediately becomes obvious just how dysfunctional the two men's family truly is." (AMG)

IMDB... 6.3 (107)
_AMG... n/a

size: 700MB
qlty: DVD
subs: yes

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