A River Called Titas

d. Ritwik Ghatak
c. India
y. 1973


IMDB... 7.2 (56)
_AMG... n/a

size: 1360MB
qlty: DVD
subs: yes

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girgit said...

I am tryint to adopt two: Titash Ekte Nadir Naam and Komal Gandhar (E-Flat). There are two problems I am facing:

- I can find them (zero copies on the donkey)

- Even if I could find them, I wouldn't know what they are saying (no subtitles).

Any suggestions?

Pacze Moj said...

You'll have to wait a bit for copies to become available if they're not available right away. They'll show up eventually.

As for subtitles: I've provided links to English subs for both films. If you'd like another language, try searching at opensubtitles or subbiee.

Cheers, and hope you manage to get and watch the films.

girgit said...

Didn't notice the subtitles link at first. One of them has started trickling in slowly but hopefully steadily.

Great place. Thanks for doing this.