Bal poussiere

d. Henri Duparc
c. Ivory Coast
y. 1988

"Traditional African practices of polygamy (among the chiefly class) come in for a ribbing in this feature from the Ivory Coast. "Half-God" (Bakary Bamba) is a chief who acquired that nickname because, to his subjects, only God is more important. Like God, he feels that he should work six days of the week and rest on the seventh. However, he only has five wives. In order for his bedroom activities to follow the divine pattern, he needs a sixth. In an arranged match, the traditional parents of Binta (Tchelly Hanny), a thoroughly modern young woman, hitch her to him. Instead of fitting into his plans, however, she upsets everyone with her modern ways, and they are all quite content to see her run off with a visiting musician, never to be seen again." (AMG)

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