Cocorico monsieur Poulet

d. Jean Rouch
c. France / Niger
y. 1974


IMDB... 6.8 (27)
_AMG... n/a

size: 670MB
qlty: ?
subs: no

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Anonymous said...

This is a crazy road movie about an african chicken breeder who goes on a trip to the city, but of course nothing goes as it should...
A surrealistic and funny little film shot documentary-style, but be warned that if you don't speak french fluently you'll have a rough time trying to understand what's going on ! I am french and because of the strong african accent there were a few dialogues I couldn't understand...

Anonymous said...

Warning for the faint-hearted : This is not Hollywood and we're in 1974, so don't expect any animal monitoring. In fact, you'll see one real live chicken get beheaded, this is no special FX.