d. Mohammed Camara
c. Guinea
y. 1997

"Though gay-themed stories about "coming out" and accepting one's sexuality are not uncommon in Western countries, such tales are still rare in many conservative African nations. Considered a ground-breaking film in its native Guinea, and filmed amidst a storm of controversy, Mohamed Camara's Dakan is the first of its nations films to directly address issues surrounding homosexuality. When Camara set about making the film, he had funding from France and the Guinea government (a first) until the latter learned of the subject matter and immediately withdrew support, leaving Camara to use his own resources to make up the difference. When the film still didn't have enough financial resources to be made, the French television network La Sept came in and provided the necessary backing. But the filmmaker's trials were not over; Camara and crew then had to contend with angry mobs of protestors who wanted them to stop filming. The story centers on the romance between two 20-year-old men, Manga and Sory who are first seen making out in a car. The trouble begins when Manga tells his widowed mother about his love for Sory, who is busy contending with his outraged father. The parents insist that the two never see each other again. Manga's mother then uses witchcraft to cleanse her son and change him into a heterosexual. Time passes and eventually Manga begins to date a girl. But it soon becomes apparent that try as he might, Manga's heart belongs to Sory." (AMG)

IMDB... 5.6 (35)
_AMG... 2.0 / 5.0

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