The Doll

d. Wojciech Has
c. Poland
y. 1968

"A successful businessman has no outside interest and leads a lonely life away from work. He falls in love with a tantalizing tart who travels from one amoral affair to another. He offers to help the girl by approaching her father, who has written off the tawdry seductress. She agrees to go with the man who genuinely cares about her, but she is soon in the arms of an English rogue. The heartbroken businessman realizes he loves a woman who will never be faithful in this drama that accurately portrays the squalor of mid 19th-century Poland." (AMG)

IMDB... 7.5 (61)
_AMG... 4.0 / 5.0

size: 1200MB
qlty: ?
subs: no

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