Milady and the Musketeers

d. Vittorio Cottafavi
c. Italy
y. 1952

"This movie has the advantage to start from the viewpoint of a woman, the later Mylady, comtesse de Fer (Yvette Lebon) who is imprisoned in a convent. The director Vittorio Cottafavi knows how to point the camera in her face. That face shows all the possible expressions a woman can have: fear, anger, love, despair and love? Does this woman really love somebody? I doubt it and that is the crucial theme of the story: women are dangerous. Yvette Lebon is so beautiful in this movie that everybody must fall in love with her. So she is invited by the comte de Fer (Rossano Brazzi). She has the skill to push all her lovers into marriage. The hangman (Jean-Roger Caussimon) is a special person in the movie because he only intervenes at the end of the beginning and he is the brother of her first lover. She will never go with him back to the lieutenant, who made her escape from the convent, by her free will. The story is not in a straight line and you never are sure what will happen next, what makes it better than the other musketeer-films." (IMDB Comment)

IMDB... 5.7 (13)
_AMG... n/a

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subs: no

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