The Overcoat

d. Alberto Lattuada
c. Italy
y. 1952

"The classic Nicolas Gogal [Gogol?] fable The Overcoat is given a European flavor by Italian filmmaker Alberto Lattuada; some consider the film to be Lattuada's best "psychological study." Comedian Renato Rascel plays a nebbishy nobody who spends his life-savings on a fancy overcoat. Suddenly, the nobody becomes a somebody, proving beyond doubt that clothes make the man. And then one day, the overcoat is stolen...Fleshing out the short-but-bittersweet Gogol original are several colorful new characters, including a publicity-hungry small-town mayor, played by Giulio Stival. The background music was composed by director Lattuada's wife Felice. American prints of Il Cappato are missing a so-called "naughty" telephone exchange between the mayor and his silken mistress." (AMG)

IMDB... 8.2 (45)
_AMG... 2.5 / 5.0

size: 1450MB
qlty: DVD
subs: yes

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