The Payoff

d. Sergio Corbucci
c. Italy
y. 1978

"Nothing in his background has given Saso Iovine (Nino Manfredi) any preparation for the sticky situations he encounters when he is hired by the crooked building contractor Don Michele to find his daughter Giulia, and some important (and legally damaging) documents she stole from him before running off with her boyfriend. He immediately stumbles onto a nest of corpses and a Neapolitan crime rivalry while being pursued by the police and harassed by his half-loony girlfriend. Along the way, practically everyone involved in the case becomes a corpse for him to stumble over moments ahead of the police's arrival. He does, however, become somewhat friendly with the police commissioner Assenza (Ugo Tognazzi), which just barely suffices to keep his neck out of the noose." (AMG)

IMDB... 7.4 (11)
_AMG... 2.5 / 5.0

size: 700MB
qlty: ?
subs: no

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