Three Hearts

d. Michal Waszynski
c. Poland
y. 1939


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_AMG... n/a

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subs: no

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Enrico said...

What a surprise!While I was living and working in Spain (late 50s.early 60s) I met Michail Waszynski , who was working as an art director for Samuel Bronson Production . He was working with Anthony Man and Nicholas Ray in films like Fall of the Roman Empire and King of Kings.Charming, sensible and lovable Michael was always remebering the films he made in his native Poland. He did not have any way to show nothing of his work,left behind and probably lost during the war. I always wanted to see some of his films, of which he always spoke with tender smiles. This one in particular, a musical. I hope I will be able to download it and surely keep it as long as it is necesary so other people can have a chance to meet this wonderful artist. Help me to help you.

Enrico said...
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Enrico said...

ATTENTION. I saw the preview while I was downloading. IT IS NOT WASZYNSKI'S FILM It is an american remake starring W.BALDWIN (that would be enough not to download), with the original soundtrack covered by a horrible polish voice over. TERRIBLE. FAKE