Vai Gorilla

d. Tonino Valerii
c. Italy
y. 1976

"Unusual poliziottesco on a topical subject – “Euro-Cult” regular Fabio Testi is an undercover cop doubling as the bodyguard (hence, “Gorilla”) of a cantankerous middle-aged industrialist targeted for extortion. Amazingly, to bring the culprits out into the open, he beats the criminals at their own game by purporting to kidnap his own master (with the aid of his delinquent brother); to complicate matters further, he becomes involved with the industrialist’s own rebellious teenage daughter (naturally, she falls for him in the blink of an eye)! The rest of the ingredients are par for the course within this genre: pulsating score, nonstop action..." (IMDB Comment)

IMDB... 6.5 (31)
_AMG... n/a

size: 700MB
qlty: ?
subs: n/a

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