Les bleu des origines

d. Philippe Garrel
c. France
y. 1979

"Les Bleu des Origins is an uncompromising example of old school avant-garde cinema at its most cryptic, enigmatic and inscrutable. Made by Philippe Garrel in 1979 using a hand-cranked silent camera, Les Bleu represents absolute year zero in film-making, a return to the starkest basics of film's origins in early silent cinema, replacing any trace of narrative or even dialogue with an emphasis almost exclusively on close-ups of women's faces. The film is black and white, and absolutely silent for its full 50-minute duration. " (IMDB Comment)

IMDB... 6.8 (8)
_AMG... n/a

size: 710MB
qlty: ?
subs: no

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vassali said...

In emule there is no full file of this film for a while, if somebody downloaded it and have, please, return! It would be very nice!