Tuset Street

d. Jorge Grau & Luis Marquina
c. Spain
y. 1967

"Barcelona 1967. The pop culture revolution. Jordi (Patrick Bauchau) is a rich playboy who runs around with a bunch of high-end hippies, smoking, drinking, dancing and daydreaming about Tuset Street, an effort to develop a popular street in the newer section of Barcelona after the models of Haight Ashbury Street in San Francisco and Carnaby Street in London. Jordi and his gang represent the new Barcelona, rich, artificial and striving for imported sophistication. On the older side of the city is El Paralelo, the theater district. At El Molino, one of its many music halls, performs Violeta (Sara Montiel), a showgirl in the old style tradition who supplements her singing salary with prostitution. Somehow Violeta represents the old values, the "real world" living along side an artificial creation such as Tuset. Jordi and friends have no idea of who she is when they see her dancing at "The Pub," a Tuset disco. With nothing better to do, Jordi makes a bet with his friends that he can make Violeta fall in love with him. At the beginning, she takes him for just another "customer pickup" but is surprised when he refuses to have sex with her after paying her. In the following nights Jordi pursues Violeta making her believe that he is really falling in love with her. He complains about loneliness and his search for real love. Violeta gives in and starts caring for the young man, not knowing that his friends are taping all their encounters. As day passes Violeta and Jordi become inseparable. One day Violeta walks in "The Pub" and Jordi's friends play for her the tape of their love conversations. She realizes that the affair has been a lie for the amusement of the Tuset Street crowd and dumps Jordi for good. At the same time he realizes that he really loves Violeta and tries to gain her forgiveness but to no avail. She goes back to singing at El Molino while Jordi is left alone with the realization that this affair was the only true thing in his life. Tuset Street seems now desolate." (IMDB)

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