The Tyrant's Heart

d. Miklos Jancso
c. Hungary
y. 1981

"It is the 15th c. in Hungary. And young prince Gaspar (Laszlo Galffy) was sent off to Italy when he was just two years old, and now he has come back to his father's castle as a grown man, with a troupe of actors in tow. Once arrived at the castle, he discovers his mother is in a kind of trance state, reportedly drinking the blood of virgins to keep her forever young (just like the infamous Bloody Lady Elizabeth Bathory). Gaspar's father has died in very mysterious circumstances - some say it was a bear that killed him (another symbolical, legendary animal in European lore) and others say he was done in by the Turks. Meanwhile, his uncle says the trance-like queen was really in love with him - and sometimes he says not. Yet they marry, and when she comes out of her mesmerized state for awhile she tells Gaspar that just like his friends, none of the castle's inhabitants are real, they are all actors and she is actually younger than he is - and then she falls back into her trance. As Gaspar seems to have nowhere to turn, a Turk comes into the picture to test him for his worthiness to rule, and says he (the Turk) is really Gaspar's father. The tests turn out negative, and Gaspar is told he cannot be king. There seems to be no choice but to leave the castle with his troupe of actors, and as the castle opens up onto a vast field, he and his friends - and an underhanded Turkish priest - make a dash for freedom, hoping to elude the weaponry of the Turkish guards behind them." (AMG)

IMDB... 7.0 (12)
_AMG... 2.0 / 5.0

size: 700MB
qlty: ?
subs: no

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Lazare said...

hello again, dear friends.

first:these jancso posts are really interesting. looking forward to checking out at least "cantata", since it's the only one with subs. also, the joaquim pedro de andrade movie "o padre e a moça" was of good quality. your blog is superb.

second: i've found a couple more movies which meet your criteria on emule: "far west" and "franz", the two films directed by the famous singer jacques brel (though i haven't seen them yet, i'm still downloading them). less than 20 votes each on imdb.

best wishes.

Pacze Moj said...


Thanks for the kind words and the two recommendations. Both are up.

Question: should Brel be under France or Belgium, or both?

Lazare said...

mmmm... i guess both; belgian director, french-belgian production...

you're welcome. i'm glad to be able to contribute a bit to your project. it's a great idea.

Kinga said...

Hi lazare,

can't tell you how excited I have become about these Jancsó movies... I am a Hungarian having been living in the US for 13 years (=more or less separated from a lot of things I used to love) and a huge, huge movie fan, and Jancsó is one of my absolute favorites. Thanks thanks thanks.